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 We have chosen to fight with vigor, laughter, tears, and hysteria. We are not professional attorneys, counselors, life coaches, and likely shouldn’t be called professionals at all. But we are real in every sense of the word. Take our lessons, and our opinions, and do what you will. All we ask is that you keep your eyes, heart, and minds open to the words gifted in earnest, and not the “social rules” whispered. Our advice is not horrible because it is defamed or wrong, it’s horrible because society insists upon conformity and sheep-like behavior.

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Utah Left Hand Loafers

This might be a played out topic. Or an issue that some just don’t really care about, but I have a strong urge in my body to express my utter disgust for this cancer we have in our society. People who drive under the speed limit in the left lanes need to re-evaluate...

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People Worth Knowing

Oxford MS Realtor

A beautiful person, exceptional role-model, and brilliant real estate agent, Kay Hightower is an inspiration to all she meets. We’ve loved meeting and work alongside this selfless and successful entrepreneur. Kay is constantly pushing to be the best version of herself and step outside her comfort zone. She exudes fearlessness and poise in everything she does and shows us just how hard work, love, and determination can unlock a beautiful life. Kay’s charismatic aptitude for making anyone and everyone comfortable in her presence is mesmerizing and part of what makes her such an amazing real estate professional. She has created thriving Oxford businesses, but has a background in everything from education to human resources. Everything she touches turns to gold, and it is no coincidence. She is a talented individual whose kind heart and graceful persistence make her the type of person you want to call a friend. And we’re truly blessed to call her ours.

Oxford Real Estate

Developmental Editor

“We are taken by lots of ideas, but it’s the one that keeps coming up that pushes us onward, the one we pursue in earnest.”

Susan Mary Malone is a developmental editor, who has dedicated her carreer to ensuring people such as myself take a hard look at the work we’ve done, with constructive criticism in order to develop our voice in a way that can actually be heard. Her countenence is that of a strict leader, one you seek to never disappoint or let down, but her strategy is that of an educator……guidance offered through education and communication. As a developmental editor, Miss Susan Mary Malone has managed to erect the beautiful thoughts, words, and voices of many authors in a way that is both clear and consumable by the masses. Her technique far surpasses that of a copy-editor and delves into the interlaces of a work, leaving in her wake, a polished work of art. She is a beautiful person, a strong woman, an entrepreneur, and a solo artist….a master of her craft.

Editorial Services



Quotes To Live By

Give what they would take from you, then every thef’s a gift.

Hold too tightly to what’s in your hands or in your chest, and the future- it won’t open.

Palm readers can’t work fists.

-Doomtree, Little Mercy

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.


The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.


Permanence, perseverance, and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities; It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak.

-Thomas Carlyle

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