Have you ever seen an elementary school dress code? Boys: wear a shirt and don’t let your pants sag. Girls: no short shorts, skirts, low-cut tops, midriffs revealed, tank tops (because there are two things everyone can agree on, ice cream is delicious and shoulders are distracting), and the latest addition, no leggings. Because little girls wearing comfy, stretchy pants are somehow limiting their own and their peers’ ability to complete school work? Remember, these are eight-year-olds. Eight-year-old girls (disclaimer: I know everyone in elementary school isn’t eight, but it sounded like a good number to latch onto) look almost identical to eight-year-old boys. Am I missing something? Is there a start-up company – started by perverts – creating and selling magical leggings that give all who wear them a Beyonce booty? Because if that were a thing, I would have a pair for every day of the week. But most parents probably wouldn’t buy them for their elementary school-aged daughters. Probably.

Also, who are these school administrators watching first graders eat lunch thinking, “These little girls are wearing pants that are just too tight. Leggings are so distracting. Not in my school!” Who’s distracted? Little boys who haven’t gone through puberty yet? If little boys are already starting to objectify girls in elementary school, we have bigger problems than who’s wearing what. School administrators are supposed to be protecting and educating our children, but sexualizing girls at this young age is not protecting them. Little girls have better things to do than worry about what their eight-year-old male counterparts are distracted by.

Additionally, I’d like to point out a tremendous discrimination within the fashion industry. Girl pants are always tight. Whereas, boys wear mostly loose-fitting pants – with the obvious exception being that awkward period in the early 2000’s where boys wore girl pants, or maybe that was just my middle school? Either way, girls had one option without that stupid button that stabs you in the stomach every time you sit down, and now it’s gone.

But can this really be the end? Do we not have any options? Parents, I implore you. Now is the time to band together and eradicate these school administrators who want our little girls to be stabbed with buttons and sexualized at the mere age of eight. If there were ever a place in our world for leggings, it’s our elementary schools. If anything, our institutions should be banning pants and encouraging leggings! Girls want… no. Girls NEED more options. And we would be doing them an incredible disservice by standing idly by and watching them be stabbed and sexualized. And we owe it to our boys to show them how girls should be treated. Don’t change how our girls dress, change how our boys think. And this includes the ‘boys’ running our elementary schools.  

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