“We are taken by lots of ideas, but it’s the one that keeps coming up that pushes us onward, the one we pursue in earnest.”

Susan Mary Malone is a developmental editor, who has dedicated her carreer to ensuring people such as myself take a hard look at the work we’ve done, with constructive criticism in order to develop our voice in a way that can actually be heard. Her countenence is that of a strict leader, one you seek to never disappoint or let down, but her strategy is that of an educator……guidance offered through education and communication. As a developmental editor, Miss Susan Mary Malone has managed to erect the beautiful thoughts, words, and voices of many authors in a way that is both clear and consumable by the masses. Her technique far surpasses that of a copy-editor and delves into the interlaces of a work, leaving in her wake, a polished work of art. She is a beautiful person, a strong woman, an entrepreneur, and a solo artist….a master of her craft.

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