5 Seemingly Easy Things to do Before the World Ends in 4 Days.


Ok, so I’m sure it’s no secret, the internet is currently buzzing about the world ending in 4 days. With plenty of riveting evidence to support the claims, such as the hurricanes that have reigned terror on millions, the earthquakes that have shattered our core, and the fires that continue to linger, we thought we’d throw a few bucket list items your way for consideration. For you non-believers who choose to poo poo the notion, because you ACTUALLY survived Y2K and the end of the Mayan calendars……….I promise, you’ll enjoy living and benefit from the bucket list, as much as those who are prepared to parish in ultimate obstruction and oblivion and meet the maker.

Let’s get to it.

  1. Call your mother.

    I’m serious. Call your mother. She gave you life, and in the off chance your body becomes the newest form of fertilizer, offering a little bit of gratitude and sincerity in your potential final moments will make you both feel as though your time on this planet was well served. At the end of it all, be it on the 23rd or in 23 years, the one resounding gift we all take with us are the substantial relationships we’ve forged…….being cognoscente of that prior to departure is a beautiful thing. While you’re at it……call on your God, whichever one you pray to…..and thank him/her/it as well…..I’m sure in the barrage of defamatory curses you’ve thrown in that direction, cursing your misfortune, a speck of appreciation would be lovely.

  2. Stop counting minutes.

    I’m not saying that showing up for work 4 hours late is the right way to go, I didn’t say stop being accountable. But time is an elusive creature, created and implemented by man as a means of tracking productivity and eliciting control. If you KNEW you had 5 minutes to live, you wouldn’t spend them counting the seconds before it was all over. You’d jam pack every minute with the things you love the most in the world, and leave the worry and fear aside.

  3. Stop Trying to Control Everything.

    You can’t. Period. Those who feel the burden and fear of the unknown are in a delusional state of mind that insists they can control all variables and subsequent consequences to follow. If only for 4 days, let go of the notion that you can stop the inevitable, change what is written in truth, and cease all unpleasing behaviors. It will be a great exercise in how you live the rest of your life, if we do not in fact implode and turn into zombie like forms.

  4. Learn to Accept Death.

    You may have avoided this topic at all costs throughout your life, and often times found ways to cheat death, add another life to your 9, hit the snooze button on deaths alarm, or divert your attention flawlessly in the face of a wake or funeral……but you will die. Eventually. Everyone will. When you come to terms with the fact that the time you get to grace this planet with your presence is punctuated, the sooner you’ll start using that time wisely. But in all of that acceptance, though scary as it may be, place this truth in the bucket of “uncontrollable” and find a way to relish in the “life” part of living. Simply waiting for the sickle carrying creep dressed in black to call your name is a demented form of existence and stagnation.

  5. Define Your Faith.

    Now is as good a time as any. Not because you’re bound to be wiped off of the earth like a smashed bug on a windshield…..but because you are still alive. Many people wait until their last moments of gurgling breath to decide where it is they believe they will adventure into next, and whom they will adventure with. If the next life you believe in is awarded if/when you complete a life of satisfactory performance, the time to start performing is now. Waiting until the few people who can tolerate you are standing over your bed torn between relief and grief is a poor decision, and will be met with the only currency of which is inconsolable in death……. regret. You can’t fix it with love or apology when you are no longer capable of actively presenting those sentiments. Decide if you are a good person, a bad person, a hero, or a thief……decide what you believe in and set a standard of right or wrong.


Due to personal experience with death, I’ve been forced to the brinks of these conclusions and the importance encompassed within them. These are tasks to be completed before you can decide to face another day after suffering true loss. These are the impossible moments you’ll face when you contemplate taking another breath. These are the fundamental building blocks of living a life that is purposeful, and real.

But these are also the sharp edged realities that tore me to pieces, and forced me to rebuild myself into a human that I not only respect, and admire, but love. Seize the opportunity that the ocean of social media and vast darkness of the internet has bestowed upon you…..and live as a better human, die with no regrets.




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