This might be a played out topic. Or an issue that some just don’t really care about, but I have a strong urge in my body to express my utter disgust for this cancer we have in our society. People who drive under the speed limit in the left lanes need to re-evaluate their entire lives before they decide to get in a car and drive again. I’m not saying it isn’t a problem in other states, because it is, but since I have lived in the state of Utah I have experienced not only these horrible humans that insist on driving in the left lane but just terrible drivers in general.

Now, I have experienced bad drivers everywhere. But the worst are those who don’t leave the left lane. The left lanes are for passing cars and those who are driving like a bat outa hell. I used to enjoy driving, I could get in my car and forget about everything, just drive. But as soon as I enter any road with two lanes I encounter these human trash that refuse to leave the left lane.

Let’s use a recent experience for an example. The solar eclipse was a pretty phenomenal occurrence and I am very glad people chose to flock to Idaho Falls, where my parents live, but holy hell getting back to Logan that night was a living nightmare. I-15 is a simple freeway that has hardly any exits or entrances and in no way should ever get back up. But on the night after the eclipse there was a 4 hour delay on a 15 mile stretch of road. I solely blame this back up on all the Utah drivers that flocked to the great state of Idaho. When I finally chose to get back on the freeway after taking all the backroads I could I ended up in the right lane because I wasn’t planning on passing anyone. I was going 5 under following the flow of traffic and passed 8 drivers in like 5 minutes who all had Utah license plates and who all refused to leave the left lane.

This issue is the pretty much the only thing that makes me want to leave Utah, and I love this state. The people are usually friendly and the mountains my favorite, besides the Tetons of course; but the drivers here, for the most part, are awful. I have heard a saying since living here, it goes, “Choose the right.” My girlfriend has adapted this to the driving in this state, that goes as follows, “Utah where people choose the right, except when driving.”

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